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让前沿科技更平易近人是亿道集团的使命,自亿道成立至今亿道人一如既往地为客户提供最具竞争力的产品方案与服务;主要有嵌入式工具的增值分销,消费类产品(平板电脑、二合一、笔记本、一体机、智能音箱),行业终端(加固手持、加固平板、加固半加固笔记本、商业显示终端、工业PC box、工控产品、金融支付产品),虚拟现实(VR/AR/MR),物联网(终端、网关、解决方案)的研发与生产;同时还为客户提供软件系统及云服务方案;广泛应用于生活、办公、教育、物流、车载、金融、商业、智能家居等相关行业。








    2016-2017年是Google 官方ODM合作伙伴(拥有MADA协议可申请GMS认证);


About Emdoor

Emdoor was established in 2002, and now is the world-leading high-tech enterprise in technology selling, application and industrialization, and the innovative company focusing on mobile & industrial application terminals, and IOT system solutions.

Make cutting-edge technology more approachable is the mission of Emdoor. Since the establishment, Emdoor has always been providing the most competitive product solutions and service, including the R & D and manufacturing of value added distribution of embedded tools, consumer electronics ( tablets, 2in1, notebook, AIO, AI speaker), industrial terminals (rugged PDA, rugged tablets, semi-rugged notebook, digital signage, industrial computer & accessories, financial payment products), VR/AR/MR, IOT solutions (terminal, gateway), also the solutions of SW system and cloud service, which are widely used in industries like office work, education ,logistics, auto mobile, finance, commerce, smart home and so on.

Currently, Emdoor has nearly 1000 employees, with over 50% in R & D. Emdoor, with its headquarter in Shenzhen and branch offices in Shanghai and Beijing, consists of several sub-companies including Emdoor Electronics, Emdoor Digital, Emdoor Information, EmdoorVR. With over a decade’s history, Emdoor has created many milestone events and now has become the leading enterprise in driving the building of internet and industrial terminals, IOT infrastructures and Ecosystem :

In 2004, Emdoor R&D center built.

In 2008, Microsoft Golden partner certified.

In 2013, the road of Shenzhen CTE industrialization together with Intel &Micosoft set out.

From 2014, always being one of the most valuable partners of MTK.

In 2016, 9M shipment of consumer electronics and industrial mobile terminals achieved.

In May of 2016, Emdoor Information listed in “New Three Board”stock code: 837171).

In 2017, layout of IOT infrastructures and national defense products started.

Emdoor Holding Co., Ltd
Meigu, Meisheng Huigu technology park, 83 Dabao Road, 33 District, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
181-2884-4520/138-2366-0993 / 130-5814-0717
marketing.info@emdoor.com marketing.digi@emdoor.com sales.digi@emdoor.com
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